We had 17 attendees for the August 2019 meeting, including some new people. There were updates on the 2019 IPMS Nationals in Chattanooga. A number of new kits in the box were brought in for inspection. We had exactly one entry for the club build “Scratchbuild Something Ridiculous”, but it was a fine example. Finally Scott Hoffland demonstrated an oil stifling technique and applying pigments to a wet finish to achieve layers of dirt for AFV.

Next Club Build
The theme of the next club build was chosen by vote and it is “World War II British”. It is due at the February 2020 club meeting. We expect a lot of entries for this one.

Next Up
The big Kit Auction is September 21 starting at 1:00 PM. This year promises a wider variety of kit subjects and as a teaser list is available, we’ll post it. The auction is open to anyone.

  • Group Build Winner
  • Scott Hoffland demonstrating some weathering techniques.
  • Weathering. Stippling with oils over the engine deck and applying two shades of pigments to a wet surface on the front of the tank. Photos don’t really show, but the results were very good.